Biolectric on farm scale (exit 01.03.2019)

The Biolectric biogas installation sets the new paradigm for the biogas sector: a small investment that is quickly earned back, even without subsidies !

As there is no food, feed nor organic biologic waste added to the system, the running cost stays under control and the question whether or not it’s ethical to use edible crops to produce energy doesn’t apply. By using only manure, own to the farm, in a small scale installation frequently heard complains of noise, odor and transportation nuisance are omitted.

The installation is fully automated, so only 1 or 2 hours of work per week are needed to keep the system going: as long as the cows or pigs are producing dung, the innovative concept will get the most possible electricity and heat out of it. (

A Biolectric biogas plan doesn’t only give your farm a green image; it settles the ever rising electric energy bill for good. The extra heat that can be used elsewhere on the farm is just the icing on the cake !