Emsys is a software and consulting group active in the printing, packaging, logistics and healthcare industry. We are a solution provider in soft- and hardware, providing specialized solutions to reduce costs, improve efficiency and tracking & tracing by barcode, RFID or GP(R)S.

Our turnkey solutions and software platform allow our customers to streamline their internal logistic process, eliminating all errors and visualize in real time the error cost generated on the work floor.

The system is uniquely designed to trace and monitor the entire logistical flow of material and semi-finished goods. Customer furnished materials and all kind of goods and (finished) products are tracked & traced in real time.

Offering a unique database and barcode engine with more than 1500 label layouts, we identify and validate any original barcode label which makes relabeling obsolete.

In addition Emsys offers a communication platform to connect the end customers to the suppliers electronically. Eliminating the paper documents and increasing reliability through EDI standardized messages.

Our portfolio contains: 100% traceability, upstream and downstream for food and pharmaceutical packaging, Mobile Intelligence, EDI communication platform, RFID turnkey solutions and utility cost reduction projects. We register automatically your valuable containers and provide you real time information worldwide.