Emsys (2011)

Emsys is an independent engineering firm active in 2 domains: Visiongeek and PSS, Product Scanning Solution.
Our focus is on developing software for industrial applications. With this in mind, we help our customers improve their existing production and logistics processes by automating them.
Visiongeek guarantees 100% control
With Visiongeek, we mainly target the manufacturing industry. Since companies with their own production processes only want to supply quality end products, 100% control is essential. Visiongeek develops vision technology, which can be integrated inline into the production line and detects errors automatically.
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PSS offers insight into your logistics flow
PSS offers real-time insight into the logistics process. Our customer base is mainly in the logistics and paper sector, as well as the packaging industry. Thanks to our PSS software, we can recognise unique barcodes.
This forms the basis for tracing and tracking all goods that are supplied, from internal logistics right through to delivery.