Novosanis receives Interreg CrossCare grant for its Colli-Pee™ device

Novosanis is proud to receive a 200kEur grant from Interreg CrossCare. The grant allows Novosanis to build a next-generation Colli-Pee™ device optimized for postal delivery in collaboration with living labs Happy Aging (Belgium) and EIZT (the Netherlands).
Wijnegem, Belgium, April 4th 2017: Novosanis has received a grant from Interreg to provide the Colli-Pee™ device, as a non-invasive, user-friendly self-sampling device suited for home-based urine collection for online STI testing platforms. In particular, the Colli-Pee™ device allows for standardized collection of the first 20ml of the urine stream, so-called first-void urine in which STIs can be detected, among which Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseiria gonorrea, Mycoplasma genitalium, and Trichomonas. Thanks to the use of Colli-Pee™ the online platforms will offer a reliable test with self-sampling at home and postal sample delivery to (certified) laboratories which have access to multiple validated STI tests.
Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO Novosanis, says: “The next-generation of our Colli-Pee™ device will be optimized for postal delivery. This will have a major benefit for labs offering an online STI test platform in which the sampling materials are shipped to the patients’ homes and STI tests are performed on the urine sample upon receipt at the lab. Anonymity and discretion of home-based sampling will enlarge patient empowerment and will help them overcome stigmas and barriers for getting tested”.
The project entitled ‘Co-creation of an innovative and user-friendly device optimized for postal delivery and suited for standardized first-void urine collection’ kicked-off April 2017. Co-creation sessions and usability tests by the living labs Happy Aging and EIZT next to input from postal services and potential customers during the project will optimize human centred design and commercial roll-out.
For more information: Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO & co-founder Novosanis Tel. +32 3 485 50 16   press [at]
About Novosanis:   Novosanis is an innovative developer and producer of medical devices adding value to the accuracy of diagnostics tests as well as drug delivery in the field of prevention, detection and treatment of infectious diseases and oncology.
Novosanis is a Belgian privately held company endorsed on multiple occasions nationally and internationally for its solutions and is ISO13485 certified.
Novosanis prospers in user-friendly and clever medical devices meeting all regulatory and quality requirements for self-sampling and drug delivery solutions that improve accuracy and standardization while making handling easier, more consistent and more comfortable for the user.
We have two device platforms in portfolio: VAX-ID™ is a patented and proven platform of injection devices suited for accurate drug delivery of e.g. therapeutic, prophylactic and allergy vaccines in the dermal layer of the skin. Colli-Pee™ is a patented sampling device suited for standardized and guaranteed collection of first-void urine (first 20ml of the urine flow) allowing improved detection of infectious diseases as well as early stage cancer. Colli-Pee™ is in a commercial stage. It is CE-marked and FDA listed.
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About CrossCare:   CrossCare aims to stimulate innovation within the health sector, by guiding and speeding up innovations. The project supports development and implementation of innovations by offering cross border living lab settings. These Living Labs give companies or health care organization the opportunity to successfully develop their product or service. Six highly-experienced living labs (Happy Aging, Innovage, LiCalab, Brainport Healthy Living Lab, CIC and EIZT) are working together. Each innovation project will be supported by two living labs, one in Flanders and one in the Netherlands. The living lab will coach the innovators to create new or improve health concepts, services, processes and products and to validate the ideas in real life. The network of CrossCare thereby offers a large ecosystem in which cooperation within the entire health and value chain can be developed...
About Happy Aging:   Happy Aging is an integrated network and living lab for user centered innovation in elderly care. They focus on innovation in elderly care by testing and co-creating new care innovations by and with end-users like seniors and their formal and informal caregivers. They offer a real-life environment for companies and health care organizations to develop innovative concepts for elderly care. The living lab is an initiative of LifeTechValley in collaboration with local authorities (Cities of Genk and Hasselt) and involves a lot of healthcare partners like homecare organizations, pharmacists, hospitals, general practitioners etc.
LifeTechValley is a nonprofit cluster organization located in the province of Limburg, Belgium, at the heart of Europe with the living lab for elderly care as one of its assets. The goal of LifeTechValley is to support innovation, entrepreneurship and business development in life science and healthcare and work towards a better quality of wellbeing and healthcare for the aging population.
About EIZT:   The Centre of Expertise for Innovative Care and Technology, in short EIZT, is a network organization in which health care organizations, knowledge institutions, corporations, and other parties join forces. The objective is to contribute to a future-oriented health care system and a robust health care economy as well as to stimulate new economic activity. Technology is an important component in the development of innovative concepts.
EIZT for health care institutions - EIZT cooperates with a large number of regional health care institutions. Innovation has to find its way to the professional practice, but that very professional practice also boosts innovation. By linking innovation to the professional practice EIZT hopes to strengthen and improve health care.
EIZT for entrepreneurs - EIZT cooperates with companies that develop health care products. Small and medium sized companies can benefit from the innovative power of the EIZT network. EIZT offers facilities, knowledge, networks and educational facilities. EIZT also provides advice or support in the coordination of (innovation) projects, work plans and activities.