Renowned medical devices Colli-Pee and Cool-VAX at design exhibit


ANTWERP POWERED BY CREATIVES unites award-winning designers during their annual exposition.

Novosanis and Voxdale were invited to showcase their innovative designs in regard to health care: Colli-Pee that was awarded with the IWT Innovation Award and Cool-VAX which won the Belgian James Dyson Award.

Colli-Pee, a medical device that captures the first part of the urine stream, has achieved the IWT Innovation award in 2015 in the category major social relevance. The instrument allows for an early detection of sexually transmitted infections (such as HPV or Chlamydia) and certain cancer biomarkers (prostate cancer for example). The designers developed the Colli-Pee ensuring a straightforward and non-invasive sample for the patient. This product has been developed by Novosanis in collaboration with VAXINFECTIO and Product Development of the University of Antwerp and Voxdale.

Cool-VAX (formerly FLINK), another appliance designed by Novosanis, VAXINFECTIO and Product Development of the University of Antwerp and Voxdale, won the Belgian James Dyson Award in 2015. The prestigious prize was granted as it provides a solution to a major social problem. Cool-VAX is a novel vaccine carrier that guarantees storage between 2-8°C for at least 30h. This is a considerable improvement, especially in developing countries, where about 50% of vaccines are lost due to poor preservation and human error.

“We are delighted that designs of medical devices of both Novosanis and Voxdale have been selected for the second year in a row to participate in this prestigious Design Winning Expo.” Says Koen Beyers, CTO Novosanis and CEO Voxdale.

The exposition is held from February 6 to April 23 at Designcenter De Winkelhaak. In addition to Colli-Pee and Cool-VAX, other projects will be displayed in the fields of graphic design, product development, service design, jewelry design, interior design, branding, development and multimedia design.