Will “The Night of the SME” bear awards for Biolectric and Teamleader?


Deserving entrepreneurs will be celebrated for their efforts on Friday, March 17th 2017, by their colleagues during The Night of the SME and six of them will be awarded. In the category most promising company of the year Biolectric from Temse belongs to the nominees. Teamleader from Ghent makes chance on the award starter of the year. During the festive evening they will also put in the spotlights the figure of the year, just as the exporting company, the idea and the ruling of the year.
Biolectric can win the trophy of most promising company of the year. The company from Temse exists since 2011 and makes and installs biogas installations that produce green energy based on proprietary manure. Today Biolectric distributes its product in a dozen countries. The price of starter of the year may be reserved for Teamleader from Ghent, which also was founded in 2011. The company develops easy-to-use CRM software and offers a complete solution for the management of administration. Team leader is one of the leading start-ups in the technology for online marketing and communication through new media.
The Night of the SME is organized by vzw KMO Promotions, who wants to give by this event a positive image on industrials, managers, business leaders, professionals and SME. Freddy Michiels, President of vzw KMO Promotions: “Prosperous enterprises are the future of prosperity and employment in our country. Let us encourage such enterprises”. Anyone who has ordered a place for The Night of the SME in the Antwerp Hilton Hotel, receive a voting form per category. They determine the final winners by sending back the form before March 10th.